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My newest app, Watch Ruler has just been published on the App Store.

The app lets you measure distances of up to 25 meters (82 feet) acoustically with nothing more than your Apple Watch and iPhone!

Here’s a demo video and the App Store link:

My newest app, Acoustic Ruler Pro has just been published on the App Store. The app lets you measure distances of up to 25 meters (82 feet) acoustically.

Follow this link to install it on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, or take a look at this page where you read the description and watch two videos about it.

I’ve recently started a new blog (in German) presenting the projects I have worked on, and to attract further customers.

It’s right here:

My game Doodle Score has just been released on Apple’s App Store. The game has a very simple concept yet is fun and addictive: You’ve got a few seconds to draw a doodle with your finger, and then your doodle is analyzed and you get a score for it.

Click on this link if you want to install it with iTunes or take a look at the App Store listing, or just search for “Doodle Score” in the App Store application on your iOS device.

Here’s a short description of the game:

Find out what’s your “Doodle Score” in 6 x 3 different playing modes! You’ve got 6, 12 or 18 seconds to draw a line with your finger. When the time is up, your doodle will be scored depending on the playing mode that you selected.

These are the playing modes:

* Most Crossings: draw a doodle that has as many crossings with itself as possible.

* Most Regions: draw a doodle that divides the white area into as many separate regions as possible.

* Longest Line: draw a line that is as long as possible.

* Longest Line, no Crossings: draw a line that is as long as possible, but doesn’t cross itself.

* Composite Score: this is a combination of the first three playing modes.

* Small Regions: draw a doodle that divides the white area into many separate regions. All regions should be as small as possible.

Doodle Score is OpenFeint enabled, and also uses Game Center on the newer iOS versions. Leader boards and achievements worth 800 points are available on both services. After you played a game, you can always send the result as a challenge to one of your OpenFeint friends. For best results, we recommend that you allow Doodle Score to send you notifications. If for any reason the game is not working for you, please contact us at doodle.score(at), we will make whatever possible to get this game working for you. Customer satisfaction is very important for us.

An update that allows you to disable the banner ads through an in-app purchase has already been uploaded to Apple and is waiting for review.



You may freely reuse the text and graphics of this post (modified, or unmodified) for writing about my game.

I’ve re-released my game Connect2Win for J2ME. The game was previously known as Flogo, but I think the new name is better because someone who sees the icon and reads the new name could imagine what the game is about, and (hopefully!) gets interested in checking in out. Apart from the rebranding, the artificial intelligence was improved and now makes more reasonable moves in the end game.

This version of the game should work on most non-Android, non-Apple phones, and is available for download at the following locations:

My game “Connect2Win” has just been released on the App Store! Based on an earlier release on the J2ME platform that received more than 300.000 downloads, I’ve invested several man-months to port this strategy board game to iOS, and added many exclusive features.

The full version is available here: If you prefer to download the game directly to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, just open the built-in App Store application and search for “Connect2Win”.

Here’s a short description of the full version of the game:

Connect2Win is a game of simple rules (“connect your corners to win”) but still features deep strategy and fascinating gameplay. This game (which belongs to the class of connection games) includes specially optimized graphics for the iPad and for Retina devices.

These are the rules:

1. The players take turns connecting two circles of their own color.
2. The goal of this game is to connect the opposing corners of your own color.

The game has 25 different difficulty levels and you can choose if you want to start the game, or if the artificial intelligence (AI) should make the first move. You may also choose between 3 different color schemes (pink & green / blue & orange / black & white) for the board.

The full version of Connect2Win also offers you a local two-player mode, so you can play the game against a friend (on a shared device), wherever you are.



You may freely reuse the text and graphics of this post (modified, or unmodified) for writing about my game.

EDITED: to reflect that the game is now available for download

Hello world!

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My name is Florian Student, and I’m a software developer based in Stuttgart, Germany. I’ve started this blog to present the games I’ve developed (or plan to develop) for the iOS, J2ME, HTML 5 and Java Applet platforms.

Two of my games for the iOS platform (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) will be released soon: “Connect2Win” and “Doodle Score”.

Stay tuned!